Why Entomo

Pioneering Channel Management Applications

At Entomo, we hate waste. We see it all the time in the excessive resources that companies devote to managing the complexities of their distribution channel and go-to-market partners, often with millions of dollars in unrealized revenue leaks, excessive costs, and other sub-par results to show for it.

So we've created a comprehensive and simple-to-use system for handling all of the complexities of channel management that frees you to focus on your core business. We have deep expertise in channel, supply chain, and financial management, software integration and Big Data. 

Entomo's SmartHub® is the only fully integrated cloud-based software solution, enabling customers to optimize results from channel operations, with fast time-to-value, low front-end costs, high ROI, and enduring channel performance improvement.

Key differences of Entomo's cloud-based solutions: 

  • All-in-one, integrated channel management
    Bringing all channel information together in one system assures data accuracy, completeness and timeliness.
  • Audit-ready, verifiable and reconcilable data
    Unifying all channel data enables faster and more accurate financial closing with clear and unambiguous auditability.
  • Flexibility to simplify complexity
    Channel-wide visibility and data transparency drive faster and better decisions in every area, from sales forecasting to inventory management and partner relationships.
  • Rapid time to value
    Entomo's cloud-based solutions can be implemented and delivering high value within a few weeks, while minimizing demands on internal business and IT staff.
  • Seamless extension of your team
    Entomo's channel experts provide a deep resource for your in-house team to guide best-practices, support analysis and help you get the most out of your channel organization.
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