Sales Performance Management

Territory Management

Assign, Modify and Manage Your Sales Team

High performing sales teams manage territories like businesses to build strong sales pipelines, advance their sales opportunities and grow relationships with selected accounts. In order to perform at their peak, sales teams need focused actionable data to make critical decisions in the field that can make the difference between making their number or not. Territory data management is one of the backbone management assets that enable high performing direct and channel sales resources. Accurate, auditable territory data is the basis for creating actionable business intelligence, sales credit assignments and commissions splits.


Entomo's Territory Management module provides all the necessary functionality to define territories that fit your business model. As your business grows and changes, the SmartHub Territory Management module provides quick and easy tools to allow any changes to be reflected in the Analytics and Business Discovery and Intelligence module immediately. Territories can be defined but are not limited to the following dimensions:

  • Geography
  • Named accounts
  • Product families
  • Sales type
  • Revenue type
  • Industry verticals
  • ... and more

territory management

  • Automate of all aspects of territory management process
  • Assigns transactions to one or more sales reps across territories
  • Configurable approval controls, sign offs and access permissions
  • Manual overrides with audit trail

Advantages of Automating Territory Management

  1. Reduce manual processes
  2. Save time
  3. Increase sales productivity
  4. Real-time access to territory sales and other trends
  5. Automated sales credit assignments

A Deloitte survey revealed that the #1 desire from the field was a reduction in the manual processes related to territory information management and commission allocation. The reason is a simple one: time is money, especially in Sales. With one system of truth handling the Channel Data Management and Territory Management, accurate and timely data can be viewed by sales management teams immediately upon processing of channel or direct sales POS data.

Decisions can be made that can materially affect both the top and bottom lines because the correct data are now available at the right time and place. With access to Entomo's SmartHub analytics and the Business Discovery and Intelligence module, each territory manager will have real-time access to their territory sales trends, inventory levels and current channel incentive information.

In addition, the resulting territory-enhanced data can be feed into SmartHub Sales Credit Assignment and Commission Split modules to accurately calculate sales credits and commissions for both the OEM direct sales people as well as territory managers and representative firms. Commission approval work flows can also take advantage of the territory management information to route approvals to appropriate managers.

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