Sales Performance Management

Sales Credit Assignments


Even after sales territories and coverage rules have been established, assigning sales credits and determining sales attainment remains a complex and time-consuming process for companies selling through the channel. This is especially true when thousands or millions of sales transactions need to be analyzed to determine who gets credit for which sale. Multiple people often participate and get credit for a single channel sales transaction.

Even if they have sophisticated sales commission systems, most B2B organizations calculate sales credits and attainment at a per-transaction level using spreadsheets. This process is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Not surprisingly, sales people — both company employees and independent manufacturer reps — spend much of their time building “shadow” systems to validate company sales credit numbers and commissions. Since they lack faith in the sales credit assignment process, this is the only way for them to ensure that nothing is slipping through the cracks. Both morale and sales productivity take a hit.


Entomo automates the entire process of calculating sales credits and sales attainment. Sales reps know that they will get their due while sales management and finance departments get a timely and accurate picture of accrued and potential commission payouts.

Did You Know?

Deloitte revealed in a recent compensation study the #1 desire from the field was a reduction in manual processes.


  • Automate of all aspects of sales credit assignment process
  • Assigns transactions to one or more sales reps, system engineers, industry specialists or managers, etc.  - across your entire sales enterprise
  • Configurable approval controls, sign offs and access permissions
  • Manual overrides with audit trail


The sales credit assignment processing pipeline includes the following stages:

  • Quota Domain Definition
    Existing quota domains (aka territories) based on any combination of partner, end customers, geography, product family, industry vertical, and more are loaded into the Entomo SmartHub®.
  • Data Aggregation, Cleansing and Normalization
    Direct and indirect channel data are collected and aggregated via Entomo’s channel data management modules. Channel data are then processed to match and rationalize names of resellers, retailers, contract manufacturers and end customers.
  • Transaction Classification
    This process identifies and categorizes sales transactions according to geographies, industry verticals, product types and other pre-configured and company-specific rules.
  • Transaction Valuation
    Transactions are valued in manner consistent with your revenue reporting rules, net of any back-end credits that might have been issued to ensure accurate sales credits.
  • Payee Assignments and Commission Splits
    This stage assigns transactions to one or more channel managers, account reps, systems/application engineers, industry specialists, etc. The assignment is based directly on your unique rules and conditions, including commission split rules. Additionally, the partner collaboration portal can be used to automate the commission split and commission adjustment workflow for industries such as semiconductor and components.
  • Sales Commission Forecasting
    Entomo’s SmartHub can be configured to perform “what if” calculations using existing sales credit assignment rules to forecast commissions for budgetary purposes or to take appropriate reserves.
  • Compensation Analytics
    Complete visibility into the performance of both internal and external sales teams is available through dashboards and reports. Examine sales performance of individual reps or sales teams in the aggregate and in real-time.

Entomo can be configured to pre-process transaction data to assign sales credits and feed existing ERP, commission, or other Sales Performance Management (SPM) systems. Alternatively, the entire commission calculation, aggregated by payee, can be performed within Entomo's SmartHub.



Go from raw transactions to credit-assigned transactions in a matter of minutes.

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