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Commission Splits


In many industries - especially semiconductors and technology - it's not unusual to have 10 or more sales professionals split commisions for a single sale or transaction. Channel-centric companies work with a variety of indirect sales resources – distributors, resellers, VARs, and manufacturer’s reps, to name a few. Multiple sales professionals can work on bringing a product to market, and related commission splits and compensation must be determined accurately.

The fragmented nature of the design-to-fulfillment process makes the challenge even more difficult. For example, the design win activity (to embed specific technology in an OEM’s product) may happen in Silicon Valley, the purchase order may come from Boston, and the product may be ordered by and shipped to a contract manufacturer in China. This type of situation typically requires multiple parties to agree on the commission split and can be a supreme challenge to manage.

Without a streamlined collaborative commission split system, the modus operandi becomes a stream of emails until an agreement is reached. This creates a number of problems, including the lack of an audit trail and the inability to auto-calculate commission splits. 

In addition to the operational complexity of commission splits, sales productivity suffers. Without confidence in the numbers, large amounts of time will be spent confirming and reconciling, resulting in lost sales time and opportunity.

reconcile and streamline commission split process

Entomo returns the focus to selling by completely automating and reconciling all aspects of the commission cycle from setup to consolidating data from multiple sources to payment preparation. Modifying sales commission plans may be easy, but shifting the data, domains and commission split rules to execute the changes is often a huge challenge.


  • Automate of all aspects of sales commission calculation and payment process
  • Real-time visibility for sales, finance and company executives
  • Customizable dashboards, analytics and alert mechanisms
  • Configurable approval controls, sign offs and access permissions
  • Seamless integration with leading ERP and CRM systems

commission split automation and workflows

Entomo automates the entire commission split and commission adjustment workflows. The process can start with a request for a commission split. Depending on the number of people involved and their roles, Entomo’s SmartHub® assigns default split percentages, automatically manages the workflow and routes the request to the appropriate person in the pre-configured approval chain. Exceptions (system-detected or manual rejections) cause the commission split request to be routed back to the originator for correction or re-submission.

Commission split adjustments often need to be made during the production / product life cycle. These requests can be set up with appropriate workflow and routing rules. All final request approvals for commission split and commission percentage adjustments are logged in Entomo's SmartHub and then used to auto-calculate sales credit assignments. 



Go from raw transactions to organized commissions and splits in a matter of minutes. 

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