Sales Performance Management


Quickly and Accurately Assign Sales Credits and Commission Splits

As a channel-centric company, you work with a variety of indirect sales resources – distributors, resellers, VARs, and manufacturer’s reps, to name a few. This can be challenging when it comes to managing programs, credits and sales commissions across multiple levels, diverse territories and many different channel partners. Multiple sales professionals can work on bringing any given product or component to market, and related compensation must be determined accurately. Without a streamlined collaborative system, the modus operandi typically becomes a stream of emails, faxes and voice mails sent around the world until an agreement is reached. This creates a number of problems, including the lack of an audit trail and the inability to auto-calculate commission splits, even after an agreement has been reached.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Comprehensive management of channel-based and direct sales performance plans
  • Eliminate manual processes with end-to-end automation of sales credit assignments and commissions
  • Quickly incorporate new changes to pay plans
  • Customizable dashboards, analytics and alert mechanisms
  • Configurable approval controls, sign offs and access permissions

Benefits of Entomo Sales Performance Management Suite

  • Manage sales performance plans
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Real-time visibility for sales, finance and company executives
  • Configurable approval controls and permissions
  • Leverage existing enterprise systems

Focus on Selling, Not Administering

In many industries - especially technology - sales commissions plans change frequently. Although your pay plans have to change frequently to drive sales, the process of constantly updating sales plans can be time-consuming, error-prone and overwhelming to administer. Patchwork management methods such as spreadsheets, homegrown ad hoc programs and partner-specific databases just can’t cut it anymore.

Changing commission plans should be easy, and so should adapting your sales performance management processes to seamlessly track new pay plan requirements.


What if there was one system that automated sales commission split workflow? A system that was also flexible enough to facilitate changes, as needed, and those changes could be implemented in days, not months?


Manage Channel Sales Performance Easily With Entomo

Entomo provides a single, unified sales performance management system that facilitates changes to your pay plans and takes care of underlying data, domains, commission split rules and other details to ensure continuity and visibility throughout the process. This ensures tight integration and alignment among front-line sales reps, partners and in-house sales managers, as well as your finance and sales-support organizations.

By providing real-time, web-based visibility into channel and direct-sales operations, Entomo gives sales and finance managers a single system for capturing, calculating and managing commissions for both internal and external reps. Entomo can feed directly into Oracle, SAP or other financial systems for payment processing.


How it works

  • Quota-domain definitions
    Define territories to fit your business. Entomo allows the creation of quota domains, which can include any combination of geography, named accounts, product families, sales types, revenue types, industry verticals and more.
  • Data aggregation
    Direct and indirect point-of-sale (POS) transaction data aggregated from multiple sources.
  • Name rationalization
    Rationalizes names of end customers, resellers, contract manufacturers and more based on synonyms, location, third-party databases or specific match rules.
  • Transaction classification
    Identifies and categorizes sales transactions according to your rules.
  • Payee assignment
    Assigns transactions to one or more sales reps, system engineers, industry specialists or managers across your entire sales enterprise based on analysis of quota domains and your unique assignment rules and conditions.
  • Commission splits
    Applies your standard or special-case rules to calculate commission splits.
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