Opportunity Management

Design Registration

Selling semiconductors or other components to technology OEMs requires spending a substantial amount of time on design collaboration. For example, a salesperson may discover that a computer manufacturer is planning to produce a new server that might be able to use one of the chips produced by his company. The chip manufacturer will spend months collaborating with the OEM so that the OEM ultimately selects his product for the server. Components manufacturers and even distributors have their own sales engineers or work with design houses to develop solutions for the OEM's products. Internal salespeople also often work with application engineers at the component supplier company. Channel partners register their designs with the OEMs to protect themselves during this long design period. 



  • Identify opportunities and reduce channel conflict
  • Increase opportunity conversion rates
  • Capture all NEDA/ECIA information
  • Integrated with sales compensation module to track commission splits
  • Easily integrate with CRM or ERP systems

Tracking the design registration process

The design registration process is a key determinant in sales forecasting and determining sales rep commissions. Historical billing-based revenue and regional semiconductor consumption do not show much correlation to the size of design-win opportunities because of the complex supply chains that electronic equipment manufacturers or customers of chip makers use.

Entomo has designed the first and only solution to address the challenge of identifying revenue on a design-win basis in addition to traditional revenue calculation on a billing or sell-through basis. Calculating design-win revenue with Entomo allows you to better align direct sales resources to where they have the highest percentage of design opportunities. Secondary sales and fulfillment resources (i.e. channel partners, design house, agents) can be utilized for lower percentage design opportunity customers and territories as appropriate. Direct sales and technical resource allocation should relate to design-win revenue activities, not billing or procurement.

Entomo enables you to implement a channel opportunity tracking and forecasting process that is streamlined and allows your partners to collaborate with you in a timely manner to increase your opportunity conversion rates.

Capture all NEDA (National Electronic Distributors Association)/ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association) custom fields to establish design-win demand and forecasts for pending design-win activity and special pricing. Full capabilities include:

  • Request-approval-update workflow
  • NEDA and user-defined fields: end customer, parts, annual units, annual revenue, contacts, project name, etc.
  • Configure status of: registration, design win, sampling, production, end-of-life (EOL), won/lost, etc.
  • Add new customers, using an approval workflow
  • Automated update alerts and expiration
  • Integrated with the sales compensation module to track commission splits
  • Integrate with CRM or ERP systems



With Entomo’s deal registration module, you will have a 360-degree view into rep/partner effectiveness, close rates and more: 

  • Analytical insights into rep/partner performance, sales closes and campaign effectiveness
  • More accurate forecasts, including roll ups by rep/partner, territory, etc. 
  • Enhanced rep/partner loyalty: protected business, timely commissions/rebates, ease of doing business
  • Increased accuracy and completeness of customer master entries in your CRM or ERP system
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