Opportunity Management

Deal Registration Programs

Deal registration is a feature of some manufacturers' channel programs in which a partner, often a VAR (value-added reseller) or SI (systems integrator), informs the manufacturer about a business opportunity and is given priority in recognition of this. Once this opportunity (deal) is registered with a vendor, the partner usually has a set period of time to close it. During this time other channel partners, or even the vendor's own sales team, are not allowed to negotiate a similar deal with the prospect for that specific opportunity. Not all vendors offer deal registration, and some vendors offer it only to certain channel partners. 


Deal registration programs are usually put in place to reduce channel conflict—a situation in which channel partners have to compete against one another or the manufacturer's own sales team. With a deal registration program in place, partners can work with a client without having to worry about another company trying to offer the same product at a lower price. Some manufacturers also offer to help partners in the selling cycle, and deal registration lowers the chance of the manufacturer siezing the opportunity once the partner has brought them into the discussion.


Deal registrations are common in industries such as computers, telecommunications and packaged software. 


  • Get analytical insights into rep/partner performance
  • Integration with incentive management to track rebates, discounts, and more
  • Develop more accurate forecasts
  • Build rep and partner loyalty
  • Integration with enterprise CRM or ERP systems

Deal Registration Full Capabilities

Entomo’s Deal Registration module gives you a 360-degree view into rep/partner effectiveness, close rates and more. Full capabilities include:

  • Get analytical insights into rep/partner performance, sales closes and campaign effectiveness
  • Develop more accurate forecasts, including roll ups by rep/partner, territory, etc.
  • Build rep and partner loyalty: protected business, timely commissions/rebates, ease of doing business
  • Increased accuracy and completeness of customers' master entries in your CRM or ERP system
  • Automate request-approval-update workflow
  • Capture all standard and user-defined fields: end customer, product, quantity, projected revenue, recurring revenue potential, contacts, project name, and more
  • Configurable status: registration type (new deal/new customer, new deal/existing customer, pre-qualified lead, existing customer), deal won/lost, and more
  • Add new customers to customer master, using an approval workflow
  • Automate update alerts and expirations
  • Integration with incentive management modules to track rebates, discounts, and more
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