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Partner Portal

Increase partner effectiveness

Each of your partners gets secure access to their custom data, program opportunities, scorecard, and channel analytics. Within Entomo's Partner Portal, partners can engage on collaborative workflows for channel incentive programs, including special pricing requests and incentive claims.

Via their dedicated Partner Portal, partners can:

  • Request quotes and special pricing
  • Submit incentive claims
  • Access key channel analytics
  • Submit and track deal and design registration opportunities
  • View their customized Partner Scorecard

Partners have complete transparency into their interaction with you, enabling timely decisions that increase revenue.

Partner Portal workflows

Entomo's Partner Portal is built on Entomo’s SmartHub® workflow engine. It can be used to automate the request-approve-claim-validate-authorize-payment cycle associated with many different kinds of channel workflows. These workflows typically start with one of the channel partners (distributor, reseller, manufacturer’s rep, external sales rep, regional sales manager, etc.) making a request. Depending on the number of people involved, SmartHub automatically routes the request in the pre-configured approval chain.

Entomo’s Partner Portal supports web-based SmartForms™, which are forms that automatically re-configure themselves based on the user ID and associated workflow. Each SmartForm is pre-configured to automatically validate and auto-approve input fields or auto-route for approval. SmartHub allows any arbitrary workflow to be designed and configured. 

Partner Portal Capabilities


  • Request quotes and special pricing
  • Submit incentive claims
  • Access key channel analytics
  • Submit and track deal and design registration opportunities
  • View their customized Partner Scorecard

Collaboration workflows enabled in the partner portal

screenshot-dashboardSpecial Pricing Requests and Quotes
Partners can submit requests for Ship and Debit, Distributor Price Adjustment (DPA), Special Pricing Allowances (SPA), Special Pricing Request (SPR) consideration. Mandatory fields such as part number, quantity, end customer, validity dates and resale prices are captured and validated. Upon approval, the partner receives an authorization ID and the relevant fields are logged for the incentive claim validation process. Claims can be submitted via the Partner Portal. Automating quoting workflow to dramatically reduce response times. Quote types can include ship and debit quotes, forward pricing quotes, budgetary quotes or quotes for one-time buys.

Channel Marketing Program Requests and Claims
Requests for Co-Op and MDF funds are made via the Partner Portal using a SmartForm. Prior approval requests can be submitted with appropriate documentation. All requests for Co-Op, MDF, prior approvals, and others are auto-routed for approval. Subsequently, partner claims are submitted via the portal along with requisite documents like proofs of performance. Co-Op/MDF claims are then auto-validated against existing program requirements, including sufficient accruals, prior approvals and necessary documentation.

SPIFF Registration and Claims
Registration for SPIFF programs can be done using through the Partner Portal. Registrations can be configured to be automatic or be set up to require approval after review. SPIFF accruals are automatically calculated based on analysis of indirect or direct sales data. Claims can be configured to be automatically paid out or submitted via the portal.

Design and Deal Registration
Automate your design and deal registration workflow to dramatically reduce response times and increase partner collaboration.

Other Partner Portal capabilities include:

  • Automating commission splits workflows
  • Allowing partners to view accrued loyalty points
  • Allowing partners to request redemptions
  • Consolidated view of historical sales and inventory
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