Entomo Salesforce Integration

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salesforce-channel-managementEntomo's Salesforce solution provides an integrated platform for CRM and channel revenue management and is available on the AppExchange. With Entomo, your Salesforce integration isn't something you need to worry about. Get access to all your channel data directly through your Salesforce interface. It's channel management and sales alignment made easy.

Entomo Salesforce Application Features

  • Fully Integrated Objects
    Allow for direct access to partner POS, inventory and channel incentives through the Accounts tab. Quick and easy view to know what's happening with your partner.
  • Single Sign On
    Single sign on provides complete to the full functionality of the Entomo SmartHub, directly through the Salesforce interface.
  • Salesforce Master Data
    Accounts, Product Master, and Price Books are automatically synched with SmartHub
  • Channel Incentives
    Seamless request-approve-claim-validate-authorize-payment cycle. For instance, initial requests and approvals can be done in Salesforce, and the heavy-duty validation and payment process can be completed in Entomo's SmartHub. Users can see the same information whether they log into Salesforce or into Entomo directly.
  • Channel Analytics / Business Discovery
    Entomo provides an easy-to-use, intuitive channel business intelligence and discovery application, giving you powerful tools to understand what's going on in your channel and why. Includes purpose-built best practice data visualizations enabling ad-hoc, geo-spacial, and real-time access to transactional data and trends.


Limitations of Building Custom Channel Management Capabilities Within Your CRM 

Some companies may consider channel management applications as an extension of their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Companies may consider customization or third party add-ons to their platform for building a comprehensive channel management solution. These customizations have major limitations because:

  • At the most basic level, CRM systems are focused on managing relationships – think accounts, contacts, opportunities - whereas channel control and revenue management systems are focused on transactions (revenue) that flow from that relationship.
  • In most CRM systems, after the initial data load you are dealing with small amounts of new data every day, with channel control and revenue management, you are dealing with massive amounts of transaction data every day, and it needs to be accurate otherwise inventory, orders, revenue and profits are all impacted. In orders of magnitude, CRM systems typically work in the 1000s or 10,000s of records, while purpose-built channel management systems can handle millions of transactions each day.
  • Channel management goes way beyond the scope of CRM in critical areas such as sales compensation, incentive and rebate program management, and more. Incentive and rebate programs can often be incredibly complex, and CRM systems –even heavily customized ones - just can’t support these needs.


How to Manage your Channel with
SSAE 16 Type II - Assure Professional


"Completing the SSAE 16 requirements reflects our commitment to our customers, to international security and data integrity, and to control standards,” More.



"Automate, streamline, and manage core channel activities to drive increased revenue and partner performance, directly from your Salesforce interface,” More.