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Using indirect sales channels is a powerful and proven way to extend market reach, serve diverse segments and strengthen customer relationships through value-added partners. Companies that distribute their products through VARs, resellers, retailers, distributors, or licensees are able to multiply their selling capabilities far beyond what they could accomplish with only in-house resources.

Channel-based distribution also entails a higher level of complexity. Having multiple players in the value chain and multi-tier distribution raises the risks of stockouts, revenue leaks, sales commission inaccuracies, compliance problems and slow responsiveness to sales trends or customer issues.

Piecemeal and stand-alone technology approaches — such as offline spreadsheets, homegrown applications and data silos — are not capable of keeping up with the dynamic nature and complexity of today's channel. These limited-scope solutions often add to management problems by creating separate islands of data that have to be synchronized and manipulated by hand. This patchwork approach hampers timeliness and accuracy and adds cost.

To get optimal and sustainable results, companies need comprehensive channel management software and tools that can span all of these challenges. Entomo provides these required capabilities and attributes:

  • Channel Data Management
    • Collection, normalization and channel data enrichment
  • Collaboration
    • Workflows within enterprise and with external channel partners
  • Gross Margin and Full Channel Revenue Management
    • Automatic transaction valuation, claims validation, calculations of exposures and accruals
    • Adjustments, journal entries and audit trails
  • Business Discovery / Channel Business Intelligence
  • Integration with legacy ERP / CRM and other enterprise systems
  • SSAE-16 compliance


Entomo's SmartHub® all-in-one channel management software platform transforms how companies manage their distribution channels. Entomo's fully integrated software stack enables unmatched channel visibility, compliance and partner collaboration. Benefits include revenue growth, reduced channel incentive overpayments, reduced inventory and compliance costs and faster financial close cycles.


fully integrated Channel Management software

Entomo's channel management software and solutions are organized broadly by function. Specific modules can be implemented according to your specific situation and

  • Channel Data Management: Data aggregation, normalization and enrichment from disparate external sources 
  • Gross Margin Management: Transaction valuation, channel incentives (MDFs, rebates, etc.), inventory reconciliation and revenue-recognition activities
  • Sales Performance Management: Sales credit assignments, commission split calculations and commissionable dollar calculations for internal and external sales channels
  • Opportunity Management: Partner portal, channel scorecards and deal/design registration
  • Channel Business Intelligence: Real-time reporting, dashboards and analytics with an interactive business-intelligence platform for strategic planning and channel performance management


Core channel management capabilities

Aggregate and transform complex, multitier channel data

POS data and reports, inventory reports, and claims submissions are transformed into normalized, actionable information that can be used by channel sales, marketing and finance to increase revenues and gain channel insights.

Streamline channel partner collaboration

Eliminate ineffective and error-prone manual processes, making it easier for your channel partners (distributors, resellers, retailers, manufacturer’s reps) to do business with you. Collaborative channel workflows include channel incentives, opportunity tracking and commission splits.

Ensure compliance at all levels

Track and enforce compliance to channel partner contracts and licensing agreements, as well as revenue recognition and regulatory requirements from the SEC or FASB.


Rapid Time-to-Value

Entomo's channel management software implementation takes weeks vs. months with on-premise or other enterprise solutions. Our cloud-based SaaS provides the flexibility and scalability to get all of your internal staff and partners on the same page and keep them working toward a shared set of goals.


SSAE 16 Type II - Assure Professional


"Completing the SSAE 16 requirements reflects our commitment to our customers, to international security and data integrity, and to control standards,” More.



"Automate, streamline, and manage core channel activities to drive increased revenue and partner performance, directly from your Salesforce interface,” More.

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