Channel Data Management

Point of Sale (POS)

It All Starts With Data

Channel POS and inventory data are the fundamental building blocks and lifeblood for all channel management activities. Poor channel data quality can lead to partner incentive overpayments, too much or too little inventory, incorrect sales commissions and flawed revenue recognition, to name a few. Many companies continue to process POS reports and other channel data manually with spreadsheets and ad hoc databases.

Real-time access to POS data is critical for global companies. Entomo’s Channel Data Management (CDM) suite provides unparalleled access to your POS channel data as soon as it comes in from your channel partner. No delays or waiting for batch uploads and processing, unlike some other solutions.

POS data are instantly processed and ready for real-time reporting. With Entomo, your data are automatically gathered, cleansed, normalized and enhanced to your specifications, in real time. Exceptions can be handled by our customer-dedicated channel operations analysts and/or your designated team members. The same resolution exception workbench that Entomo data analysts use is also available to you. This allows true teamwork and provides the ability to have centralized or distributed exception resolution 24/7. Corrected exceptions are instantly available for reporting, analytics and BI (Business Intelligence) applications. Your POS information is available to you at the "speed of data."


  • Automated data collection and enhancement
  • Partners submit in any format
  • Normalization and validation
  • Enrichment and customer matching
  • Rich exception handling capabilities

Exceptional Data Quality

Our fully automated processes not only gather and process your channel partners' POS data in their native format, but the data will be tested against validated master data like customer lists, price books, parts lists, invoices and receipts to ensure all data are valid and the dollar values reported are accurate and auditable. This type of transaction valuation enables accurate and actionable data to perform business-critical analyses. Quality data also allow you to track and analyze the impact of partner incentive programs and activities on bottom line revenue results as products move through the channel.The fundamental first step in best-practice channel management is to replace manual POS reporting processes with reliable software automation. This enables accurate and actionable data to perform business-critical analyses—not only for POS reporting and inventory management. Quality data also allows you to track and analyze the impact of partner programs and activities on bottom-line results as parts and products move through the channel.

When you move channel data collection and management to Entomo, you gain unparalleled real-time visibility into every aspect of your channel operations. All vital POS data are captured, processed and aligned from different tiers in the channel (e.g. distributors and resellers) into Entomo's SmartHub.



Channel Data Collection and Enhancement steps

Collection and cleansing

Data in any format or protocol is automatically collected and cleansed from partners daily, weekly, monthly or at other intervals. Once received, channel data is processed and cleansed of extraneous entries, records or other abnormalities.


Cleansed data are normalized to ensure consistent field names, currencies, date formats, etc.


Normalized data are validated and reconciled via built-in tools that search for inconsistencies.

Enrichment and customer matching

Validated data are enriched with different attributes such as matched end-customer names, product hierarchy, pricing info, industry verticals, SIC codes, NAICS codes, etc. Customer names can be de-duplicated, matched and assigned with unique identifications at any tier in the distribution channel: distributor, reseller, end-customer, and more.

Valuation and currency conversion

Unlike many other alternatives, Entomo is able to value POS in a variety of different ways, including FIFO, price book, or reported cost. Entomo supports currency conversion for all transaction types from any reported currency to any base currency.

Data aggregation

SmartHub can also normalize and aggregate transactional data from an ERP system (direct sales, sales forecasts, bookings, billings, backlog, etc.) to create a full consolidated picture. Entomo also works seamlessly with major CRM systems, including

Post processing

Configure your solution with customer-specific rules for further ad hoc manipulation of incoming data.

Fully audit-ready and verifiable

SmartHub maintains automated audit trails to ensure complete traceability down to the transaction level.


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