Channel Data Management

Data Formats and Protocols

Maximum flexibility ensures maximum data completeness

Pulling together all of your channel partner data is a huge challenge. There's the difficulty in reconciling and managing various data interchange formats, and partners are sometimes limited in what protocols can be used for channel data submissions.

With Entomo, companies can accept data from channel partners in any data interchange format and via any protocol. This eliminates the need for partners to format their data in a particular way, which can limit or delay channel data sharing. A complete, 360-view of your channel activity results. 

The Entomo SmartHub® platform provides extensive flexibility in terms of supported protocols, formats, connectivity and transactions. Many different modes of machine to machine integration are also supported.



Integration with existing business systems

Entomo's SmartHub has been designed to co-exist with existing business systems. Using Web services, native APIs and connectors, SmartHub integrates with numerous ERP, CRM and payment systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics,, Siebel and many legacy systems. Single Sign On (SSO) is also supported with existing CRM and partner portals.

Transaction Data Types

14 standard data types are supported out-of-the-box. Additional data types can be configured.

  1. POS (point of sale)
  2. Inventory
  3. Royalty
  4. Claims
  5. Direct Sales (Billings)
  6. Bookings
  7. Backlog
  8. Sales Forecasts
  9. Opportunities
  10. Shipment Notices
  11. Delivery Notices
  12. RMA
  13. RMA Shipments
  14. Transfers


  1. Email (SMTP)
  2. FTP / SFTP
  3. Web upload


  1. Excel
  2. CSV
  3. Flat file
  4. XML

On-Demand Integration: machine-to-machine connectivity

  1. Web Services
  2. EDI
  3. Channel-relevant EDI transactions supported:
ANSI X12EDIFACTTransaction Set/Document
867 SLSRPT Product transfer and resale report (detailed POS report)
846 INVRPT Inventory inquiry/advice (inventory report)
852 SLSRPT Product sales report
844 Product transfer account adjustment (claim)
849 Response to 844 (accepting/rejecting/modifying claim)
845 ATHSTS Price/DPA authorization acknowledgement/status
812 CREADV Credit advice (credit memo)
812 DEBADV Debit advice (debit memo)
820 REMADV Payment/remittance advice



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Channel Data management Features

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