Channel Data Management


Data accuracy, completeness and timeliness are the keys to successful channel data management

To achieve these goals, channel managers must have a single system of truth that unifies information from all channel activities within a common platform to support their decisions. This means one secure system for global channel data collection, unified master data and robust, best practices for data processing, analytics and business intelligence.

If channel data are handled via separate spreadsheets, the sum of the parts can never add up to provide a single, unified system of record. The patchwork approach will always have information gaps and inaccuracies that take time, resources and people to resolve. This invariably leads to suboptimal results such as revenue leaks, excess inventory, missed sales opportunities, incentive overpayments and partner dissatisfaction.

Every channel-centric company needs complete faith in the data being analyzed. Entomo provides unmatched reporting accuracy and transparency, fully auditable to the transaction source. 



Entomo's  modular all-in-one channel management platform fully automates the process of collecting, processing and analyzing multi-tier channel data like point of sale (POS) transactions, inventory reporting and incentive claim submissions within a common data environment that eliminates duplication and ensures accuracy. Everything from POS and inventory to partner and revenue management is all contained within a single system of truth so nothing can fall through the cracks (because there are no cracks).

More than just Channel Data Management

  • Best-of-breed channel data management
  • Seamlessly integrated modular applications for revenue, sales and partner management
  • Comprehensive business intelligence capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box rapid deployment
  • Quick payoff and high ROI from SaaS approach


Entomo creates a strong, unified information flow by tapping into existing data sources, and does not require any special formats or reporting restrictions. Channel partners can continue to export data from their existing systems via whatever method works best for them (email, EDI, etc.). The Entomo suite automatically aggregates, cleanses and normalizes the data for analysis and decision-making.

While SmartHub is the best-of-breed industry leader in channel data management, Entomo's all-in-one platform is really much more than a channel data management tool. Our integrated, modular approach to channel revenue management includes all of the processes and higher-level business applications needed to manage marketing goals, incentive programs, rebates, commissions, MDF payments, revenue recognition and partner sales performance.

Entomo's SmartHub architecture leverages a single unified data repository, enabling you to quickly and easily tailor functionality to meet your specific requirements and situation.




Flexible Channel Data Management Foundation 

Entomo's channel data management suite offers the flexibility to support your implementation needs. It can either form the heart of a comprehensive SmartHub applications suite or be deployed in conjunction with virtually any industry-standard financial system, such as Oracle or SAP. Either way, Entomo eliminates the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of piecemeal approaches and unifies the channel data information flow.

Because all line managers are working from the same unified data sources, they're able to do their jobs better. In addition, overall efficiency and communication are enhanced throughout the company and its channel partners, leading to better alignment with and achievement of strategic goals.


Benefits of channel data management


  • Know exactly what is selling through your channels and the current inventory status 
  • Gain complete visibility into sales trends for individual products and product families
  • Access channel sales information instantly online, 24/7


  • Get visibility and reduce stock-out shortages and excess inventory in the channel
  • Avoid overpayment of commissions and incentives
  • Gain faith in audit-ready and accurate channel data


  • Understand true performance of channel marketing programs
  • Create, manage and improve promotions and marketing initiatives
  • Enhance product lifecycle management through analysis of sales performance by industry, product family category or geography


How entomo channel data management works

Collection and cleansing

Data in any format or protocol is automatically collected and cleansed from partners daily, weekly, monthly or at other intervals. Once received, the channel data is processed and cleansed of extraneous entries and records or other abnormalities.


Cleansed data are normalized to ensure consistent field names, currencies, date formats, etc.


Normalized data is validated and reconciled via built-in tools that search for inconsistencies.

Enrichment and customer matching

Validated data is enriched with different attributes such as matched end-customer names, product hierarchy, pricing info, industry verticals, SIC, NAICS codes, etc. Customer names can be de-duplicated and matched, and unique identifications are assigned at any tier in the distribution channel: distributor, reseller, end customer, etc.

Valuation and currency conversion

Unlike many other alternatives, Entomo is able to value POS in a variety of different ways, including FIFO, price book, or reported cost. Entomo supports currency conversion for all transaction types from any reported currency to any base currency.

Data aggregation

As part of creating a consolidated picture, SmartHub can also normalize and aggregate transactional data from ERP systems (direct sales, sales forecasts, bookings, billings, backlog, etc.). Entomo also works seamlessly with major CRM systems, including


The transformation engine can also be configured with customer-specific rules for further ad hoc manipulation of incoming data.

Audit trails

Regardless of how much transformation the data goes through, SmartHub maintains an automated audit trail to ensure complete traceability.


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