Channel Business Intelligence


entomo-bi-screenshotHundreds or thousands of channel partners. Millions of transactions across dozens or hundreds of product SKUs. Product family, geography and segment hierarchies. Channel reporting and analytics can be a data-generation tsunami, spinning out huge waves of disparate information in a variety of formats and creating islands of unconnected and inconsistent data.

This makes reporting, analysis, and business intelligence (BI) activities very challenging. Entomo brings all these disparate data together through two integrated modules:

  1. Analytics and Dashboards
    All SmartHub® modules come with built-in reporting, analytics and dashboard functionality, easily configurable by the user to report on the information they need most.
  2. Channel Business Intelligence and Discovery
    Entomo's Channel Business Intelligence interface connects the dots and gives you access to a trove of actionable intelligence to make informed decisions. Customized data-discovery analytics and executive reporting facilitate program management and strategic planning. 

Channel managers, BI professionals, analysts and executives can easily access the relevant and coherent information needed to drive effective decision-making


VP Mike Hopwood explains how Entomo takes in channel data - POS, inventory, claims, RMAs - and cleanses it, normalizes it, and enriches it to boil it down into actionable intelligent information. Through automated processes and applications, channel professionals can access, visualize and analyze key information to make real-time decisions to enhance profitability.


  • Analytics and dashboard functionality with any Entomo module
  • Access key channel analytics
  • Easily configurable
  • Better decision making via real-time reporting and insights
  • Channel data visualization for tactical and strategic planning
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