Return On Investment 

Entomo’s cloud-based SaaS model enables companies to accelerate their time to value while laying a solid and extensible foundation for growing and optimizing all of their channel investments.

Realizing maximum ROI with Entomo's channel management solution

Compared with the costs of building, hosting and supporting in-house systems, the Entomo approach is a clear winner. According to the Forrester Research Inc. in its Market Overview on Channel Data Management, “Homegrown solutions can be risky, buggy, non-standardized, and involve high maintenance/support costs.”

Because the full suite of Entomo solutions are SaaS applications using web-based interfacing and designed around industry-standard protocols, client companies can maximize their time to value, user adoption and ROI, while minimizing capital investments and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Entomo’s out-of-the-box, cloud-based solutions are simple to install, integrate and maintain, so there’s virtually no set-up time or long IT-intensive implementation process. The performance, scalability, security and overall value of Entomo's solutions have already been proven in leading companies across a wide range of industries and channel-based organizations.

Example ROI

We've worked with many companies to identify and realize savings and increased revenue through a unified channel management system. These benefits generally fall into 3 categories:

  1. Increased Gross Margin
  2. Reduced Expenses
  3. Improved Cash Flow

For example, a company with annual revenue of $500MM could conservatively realize about $3MM in annually recurring margin, straight to the bottom line. 

We'll be happy to do a custom ROI assessment and analysis for you and your specific situation.

Additional channel management problems solved and benefits include:

  • No more untrustworthy or incomplete data
  • Reduce and minimize excess inventory or stock-outs
  • Manage channel incentive programs proactively and effectively
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy
  • Remove headaches and overpayments related to channel sales activities
  • Improve partner collaboration and effectiveness

“Our channel information was scattered and incomplete.. with Entomo, our channel business grew in volume and profit through better decision making.”  

-Tony Greico, Vice President, Sales, PLX Technology

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