Premium Services

Premium Ongoing Support

Entomo’s cloud-based channel-management SaaS solutions are monitored and managed by system and network administrators on a 24/7/365 basis to ensure uptime and optimum system performance.

In addition, our Premium Managed Services provide ongoing support and are an extension of your own internal channel operations team. Our end-to-end partner data management solution completely removes the data collection, cleansing and validation burden from you. Channel Analysts facilitate data collection and quality from all your partners—large, medium and small—regardless of their internal IT capabilities and data transmission format. Entomo's automation and channel analyst support enable actionable “revenue quality” partner data. 


Partner Data Management and Collection

We work with you and your partners to establish a routine reporting process and methods. Data can be delivered in different formats (.xls, .csv, .txt) and with varying requirements on the specific data to be captured. Channel analysts ensure that all of these types are processable without exception. Once the data are captured the Channel Analyst's process includes:

  • Mapping of raw data to SmartHub®
  • Identifying and ensuring required fields/data are captured
  • Data cleansing, normalization, validation & enrichment
    • Remove unnecessary and enriching data
    • Standardize formats – dates, fields
    • Normalizing data by mapping raw data to consistent reported formats (company names, product/part numbers)
  • Maintain audit trail
  • Audit and validate data received

Processing Review and Exception Management

Our Customer Success teams monitor partner reporting and communicate any deviations from reporting requirements to the you and/or the reporting partner. Communications could be:

  • Reporting cycle and timing for partners to report
  • Reporter notification and escalation of issues
  • Failed or missing reporting submissions
  • Missing and incorrect customer/partner data submissions
  • Data discrepancy resolution working with customers and partners

Also, Channel Analysts review data for any processing exceptions and addresses them by adding/modifying pattern maps, adding new or updating master data such as new customers or managing other rules in the system. Exceptions might include unmatched items or SKUs, unmatched customers, missing mandatory fields, and invalid fields, among others.


Analysis, Reporting and Channel Analytics

Customer Success teams manage SmartHub® analyses, including creating and maintaining system reports that captures analysis and trends each customer requires for their business reporting. As part of the regular (daily/weekly/monthly) operational checklist, Channel Analysts ensure the SmartHub® analyzer engine for automated calculations and valuations are run and managed. Channel Analysts coordinate, manage, and ensure standard analytics are executed and completed, including but not limited to SISO (Sales-In-Sales-Out) Inventory Reconciliation, Transaction Valuations, Channel Incentives, Sales Credit Assignment, and more. Channel Analysts validate the results, monitor trends or exceptions, review findings with the customer and make any necessary adjustments.


Ongoing System Management and Configuration

As each customer becomes fully operational, channel analysts' support continues to technically manage the system and configure it as required. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Create new reports and modifying existing reports
  • Monitor and modify background jobs
  • Modify and configure analyzer engine
  • Manage users by adding new or deactivating users
  • Manage security by modifying user responsibilities and privileges

Issue and Request Management

Customer Success teams manage ongoing issues and requests. Your team will follow standard software support management for:

  • System issue discovery, tracking and triage
  • Updating customers on issue status and manage until closed
  • Manage customer change requests from processing to resolution
  • Plan, schedule, implement, test and release change requests
  • Collaborate and communicate with the customer during the change request process
  • Manage software updates and releases
  • Plan, schedule, test and release software upgrades to the customer’s schema

Technical Support

Entomo's Customer Success team also supports our private cloud-based SaaS environment that includes:

  • System uptime support provided 24/7/365
  • System uptime 99.9%
  • Customer dedicated email address:
  • Dedicated emergency phone number for customer support

Entomo provides tier-level support to escalate issues and ensure expedited issue resolution. Escalation procedures are in place to identify issues and provide timely notification and resolution of issues that are not normal change requests.

Our maintenance also includes no-cost access to upgrades and enhancements continuously being made to the Entomo SmartHub software.

"Entomo's solution enabled us to analyze historical sales trends and rebalance territories, which in turn allows us to demand greater accountability from our reps... Entomo's automation and Channel Analysts make me look really smart!"

- Bo Mahoney, Director of Enterprise Sales, Targus

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