Entomo’s proven implementation process is set up to deliver fast time to value, bringing applications and users up quickly and efficiently. The goal here is to minimize the demand on internal business and/or IT resources. New customers typically go live within weeks.

During the implementation phase, Entomo's customer success service teams provision and configure the various SmartHub modules, workflows, reports, dashboards and channel analytics to mesh with customer-specific requirements.


New Customer and Module Implementation Steps and Processes

Through experience, we've defined a proven implementation lifecycle and process.

Requirements Analysis
Every new implementation kicks off with an on-site meeting to review the customer’s business processes and Entomo SmartHub® system requirements. This is a consultative meeting where business requirements are finalized and documented in the functional design.

Functional Design
The Functional Design or Specification is the finalized definition and scope of the implementation project. An implementation schedule is also created.

An approved Functional Specification is the road map for the implementation process to develop and deliver a system that meets each customer’s specific requirements. Activities completed during the implementation stage include:

  • Data Mapping – Map all inbound data to the Entomo SmartHub and establish a proper mapping for you to review accumulated data and receive outbound data in proper formats
  • Integration – Integrate the files received from your partners to Entomo and interface the desired outbound reporting data to your other business systems, such as an ERP or BI reporting system
  • Rules – Develop and configure rules in the system to normalize, enrich and map data
  • Configuration – Configure the system for proper processing and reporting
  • Reporting – Develop and configure reports that meet customer business requirements
  • Workflow – Develop and configure workflows in the system
  • Custom Changes – Understand business requirements for custom changes, development and/or configuration within the system
  • Historical Data – Process historical data to seed the system as necessary

Quality Assurance
We create and run test scripts on implementation schemas prior to release. Our Customer Success teams are required to understand each specific customer's business requirements along with how they are implemented in the system, and perform tests to ensure quality.

Training and Documentation
During and following implementation, our Customer Success teams work with you to determine necessary training needs. Standard training is provided for all users of the SmartHub® system from admin to operational users. End-user documentation provides takeaway reference tools from training sessions. The documentation is created specific to the customer’s business process and workflow requirements.

User Acceptance Training (UAT)
We establish and provide a UAT environment for each customer to perform their own User Acceptance Testing. Any issues are identified and corrected to ensure satisfactory compliance with the Functional Specification.

Production Deployment (Go Live)
Once the UAT is approved, our team manages the deployment to production. If required, this can include a time period for a parallel run with a customer’s existing system for comparison and validation. Once the parallel run is complete, the Entomo system is deployed into production and the customer begins using the SmartHub® system as part of their regular channel management environment.

Entomo’s Standard Implementation Service Package includes:

  • Entomo’s Rapid Deployment Model (ERDM) to ensure a timely and efficient implementation, with minimal impact on internal client resources
  • Agile and iterative approach to ensure success for the customer
  • Reusable configurations and scripts
  • Performing a business process analysis jointly with the customer to review current and desired workflow
  • Creating an implementation plan based on an analysis of the customer’s business requirements
  • Provisioning and creating a database schema
  • Provisioning and configuring hardware and application software to meet the needs of the client's business processes
  • Provisioning and configuring network for performance and security
  • Provisioning and configuration of Entomo SmartBridge® at various integration points
  • Providing standard data definition formats for synchronization of data between the client’s business system(s) and Entomo SmartHub®
  • Set-up of a temporary test environment
  • Helping to debug import/export scripts for data synchronization with customer’s business system(s)
  • Setting up of a production environment for customer
  • Setting up of all user profiles for production
  • Devising and authoring reports based on customer’s business requirements
  • Communication and on-boarding of customers’ partners to receive required data in proper formatting 

At the end of the implementation phase, we provide detailed instructions and training for deployment and continuous operation of Entomo’s solution. While our turnkey solution and training enable your existing staff to manage channel operations on its own, we can also manage key functions on your behalf via our Premium Services.

“Entomo discovered our historical data had serious quality issues. They worked to reprocess the data to provide a solid baseline for future trend analysis.”  

- Ty Smith, Director of Channel Sales, Targus

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