Channel Sales Operations

If you're responsible for managing channel sales ops, you already know the challenges of keeping partners and sales team members on track toward achieving their goals amid the mixed messaging and data confusion that can too often overwhelm the channel. 

What if there were a simple solution that could cut through the clutter and get everyone on the same page, seeing the same data and operating with the same playbook? Well, there is.


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Data integrity

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Sales forecasting

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Inventory Management

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Stay Ahead of Changes in the Channel

Channel-related problems and challenges that may you may be struggling with:

  • How do I gain visibility into what's going on in the channel?
  • How do I improve my sales forecasting?
  • How do I collect, retrieve and extract unstructured data feeds from hundreds or thousands of tier on and tier two partners?
  • How do I ensure accurate, current, timely channel data to support good decision-making?
  • How do I automate reporting so I can spend more time on business-building initiatives?
  • How do I use channel data to work smarter and give me a competitive edge?

Channel-based selling and distribution is a proven way to extend your reach, expand your bandwidth, enhance your value propositions and serve a wider range of customers. Channel selling can leverage multiple partners with their own skills and customer relationships to create new selling opportunities and build revenue streams.

But selling through partners can be inherently messy. Dealing with a variety of different data flows for multiple partners can hamper visibility and degrade sales forecasting accuracy. Lack of communication can also cause conflicts between your direct sales force and your channel partners. 

Struggling with disparate data sources makes it harder to focus and coordinate your in-house and partners' resources on the highest priorities and turn those opportunities into closed sales. Instead of getting the best results from these valuable and finite resources, you can spend way too much time putting out fires and filling in gaps just to keep them all coordinated with each other.

Entomo's SmartHub ... Your partners don't have to change how they send in their data, since SmartHub cleanses, normalizes, enriches and aggregates it for your decision-making processes.

Key Benefits Include:

  • "One system of truth" - no data conflicts or inconsistencies - means more time on strategic activities instead of reconciling disparate, often untrustworthy data
  • Full visibility into the channel pipeline
  • Custom, automated reporting
  • More productive use of all channel and direct resources
  • Access to channel analytics with real-time data, 24x7
  • Extension of your team with Channel Analysts and experts

The bottom line is higher sales productivity from your channels and more efficient use of all your resources.

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