Channel Management for Marketing and Sales

Being responsible for marketing and sales in a channel-based environment is one of the most challenging and rewarding missions of your career. It has a lot of moving parts, a diverse set of key players, a high degree of urgency and excellent opportunities to be rewarded for success.

Of course, achieving success in channel management is not easy. You must keep your focus on the big-picture outcomes while overseeing myriad day-to-day operations. Your priorities include achieving short-term sales targets and strategically growing the overall business.


Problems We Solve


Sales forecasting

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Incentive Program Management

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Channel Marketing Management

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Manage the Big Picture with Clarity and Focus

Channel-related problems and challenges that may you may be struggling with:

  • What product families are my end customers buying? And who really are my end customers?
  • What inventory is at risk of being returned by the end of the quarter?
  • How do I improve sales forecasting with such limited visibility into the channel?
  • How do I increase participation in my co-op and MDF programs, while ensuring program compliance?
  • How do I understand the ROI my channel incentive programs?
  • How do I avoid overpayment on my incentive programs?
  • How do I get my sales teams to spend less time on credit and commission issues and more time on selling?
  • How do I use channel data to work smarter and give me a competitive edge?

High-functioning partnerships are the backbone of a successful channel-based business. A healthy channel organization thrives on information flows that are timely, transparent and provide a high level of visibility for agile decision making.

Entomo brings clarity and focus to channel management by automating and unifying all of the day-to-day channel data flows, issues and opportunities within a single platform, optimized for big-picture visibility and decision support. Time-to-data and data accuracy are the linchpins for successful channel management.

You can’t be everywhere, but with Entomo, you can know what’s happening everywhere.

The Entomo all-in-one approach minimizes surprises such as inventory outages, partners not getting paid, last-minute failures to meet quotas and undetected leakage in profits or margins. Leveraging a single system-of-record and transparent information flows with partners simultaneously raises their ability to manage and, accordingly, their level of accountability. At the same time, it frees you and your internal staff to strategicallymanage the channel rather than constantly reacting to surprises.

Key Benefits for Sales Leadership

  • "One system of truth" - no data conflicts or inconsistencies - means more time on strategic activities instead of reconciling disparate, often untrustworthy data
  • Know exactly what is selling through your channels and the current inventory status
  • Better sales forecasting
  • Increased productivity - everyone knows what's happening in their territory and by whom
  • Help channel partners approve pricing and close business faster without the overhead of emails and spreadsheets
  • Faster time-to-sales performance numbers via end-to-end automation of all aspects of sales credit assignment and commissions

Key Benefits for Marketing Leadership

  • Provide real-time channel visibility and predictive data quality
  • Better channel marketing management - understand true performance and ROI of programs
  • Gain complete visibility into sales trends for individual products and product families
  • Create, manage and improve promotions and marketing initiatives
  • Enhance product life cycle management through analysis of sales performance by industry, product family, category or geography
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