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From an IT perspective, you know that channel-based sales activities can present a variety of problems when it comes to effectively serving the needs of your front-line users and decision makers. As an IT leader, the last thing you probably want to take on is yet another project labeled top priority by your business units. You lack the time, resources or bandwidth to take on a new deployment without jeopardizing existing projects.

For most companies, even internal IT operations involve challenges. Most prominently, there's the ongoing process of integrating legacy systems and data structures as you move forward to embrace new technologies. Multiply those challenges by the variety of disparate business systems and data flows used by partners within the channel and you get an exponential expansion of the headaches faced by IT staff.

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You may have even been down this road before - you wanted a channel solution, but you got an integration project. So what can be done to bring it all together?

Leveraging SaaS Channel Management for Data Unification

Channel-related problems and challenges that may you may be struggling with:

  • How do I ensure accurate, current, timely channel data to support good decision-making?
  • How do I integrate channel solutions with my ERP and CRM systems?
  • How do I maintain and ensure security and 24x7x365 availability?
  • How do I deploy and maintain yet another business system?

The first step to bringing channel data under better IT control is to unify all of the diverse information flows by aggregating, cleansing and normalizing them for use within your existing business systems. This creates a holistic, integrated data environment in which there is no longer a need for shadow solutions such as offline spreadsheets or separate data repositories.

Entomo’s SmartHub platform accomplishes this goal through our best-of-breed channel data management, which taps into channel partners’ normal flow of information without requiring any special formats or reporting restrictions. Channel partners simply export current POS (point of sale) and inventory reports from their existing systems, using email of any type of machine-to-machine automation, including EDI.

Entomo then brings everything together and enables a seamless, high-quality data exchange and unification of the channel data—such as POSinventory and incentive claims—without burdening your IT department or the channel partners.

Core Entomo cleansed channel data can be used by any of your existing finance, ERP and business systems, including SalesforceSAP or Oracle, so you can simply feed directly into whatever you’re doing already. The Entomo system is extremely modular, so you can pick and choose components to deploy at your own pace and according to your existing business infrastructure.

Because the full suite of Entomo solutions are cloud-based SaaS applications designed around industry-standard protocols, you can maximize time to value, user adoption, and ROI, while minimizing capital investments and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Entomo’s out-of-the-box, cloud-based solutions are straightforward to implement and configure. Most implementations take 6-12 weeks vs. the typical 9-12 months or more for ERP customization. The performance, scalability, security and overall value of Entomo solutions have already been proven in leading companies across a wide range of industries and channel-based organizations.

Key benefits of Entomo for IT departments include:

  • Unification of channel data for use in any business environment
  • Elimination of islands of data and patchwork approaches
  • User access to real-time, actionable information for better decisions
  • Rapid time to value with fast implementation
  • Modular SaaS suite that provides tailored solutions and easy extensibility
  • Meshes and integrates with existing finance, ERP and business software
  • No new hardware investments for excellent ROI and low TCO

How do I deploy and maintain yet another enterprise business system?
As a private cloud-based SaaS offering, no on-premise software or hardware needs to be purchased, customizedor maintained. Deployment times are measured in weeks, not months. Additionally, users can create their own analytics and dashboards, so IT personnel will not have to field the “urgent Friday 4 pm” report request.

What about security and availability?
ssae-16-type-2-complianceEntomo's SmartHub is architected to provide best-of-class security, redundancy and fault-tolerance. Entomo's SaaS solution is provided via private cloud, housed in a state-of-the-art SSAE 16 Type 2 compliant data center. SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance is an external validation on our commitment to operational excellence, client satisfaction, international security, and data integrity and control standards. The system is monitored 7x24x365. Platform components are sourced from premier IT vendors.

Will data integrity issues keep me up at night?
No. Entomo's SmartHub uses hardened, state-of-the-art database and platform components. Additionally, cross-checking algorithms monitor all data interchange with SmartHub. Finally, detailed audit trails are available to track data transformations and any manual overrides.

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