Channel Marketing Management

Clarity of marketing goals, messaging, incentive programs and mission objectives are critical factors for building a successful channel-based business. Your channel partners need to know what you want them to accomplish and how to use the tools that you provide.

Equally important is your visibility into what’s happening in the channel. You can’t afford to be surprised by lack of visibility, revenue leaks, channel churn, incentive-payout errors, partner frustration or failure to execute on marketing programs.


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Channel Marketing Management

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Visibility, Clarity and Accountability

Channel-related problems and challenges that may you may be struggling with:

  • What product families are my end customers buying? And who really are my end customers?
  • How do I improve sales forecasting with such limited visibility into the channel?
  • How do I increase participation in my co-op and MDF programs, while ensuring program compliance?
  • How do I understand the ROI and true performance my channel marketing programs?
  • How do I avoid overpayment on my incentive programs?
  • How do I use channel data to work smarter and give me a competitive edge?

As a channel marketing leader, the constant flow of information between you and your channel partners is the key to overall success. Lack of information is a recipe for failure; but if this information is not properly managed and organized, the flood of details can be overwhelming.

When you initiate new marketing programs such as incentives, rebates, special pricing, ship & debit, or MDFs, it’s vital that the information systems are in place to measure and make adjustments in real time. Otherwise you’re just shooting in the dark. You also need transparency and shared visibility of information so that your partners and in-house executive teams can clearly understand the value of successful programs and to build on what’s working.

Entomo gives you the channel-marketing tools both to see the big picture and to manage the details. By unifying, aggregating and normalizing all of the channel information flows within a single system of truth, Entomo provides a solid foundation for real-time monitoring, analysis and decisions.

Entomo's cloud-based solution enables transparent sharing of information with your partners and within your in-house organization. Easy automation of reporting, alerts and other metrics within customizable dashboards enable all of the stakeholders to understand how marketing programs are performing and what actions are required of them. Staying on track and making tactical adjustments becomes a smooth part of the process rather than a painful added burden.

From an overall marketing management perspective, Entomo brings together all of the information needed for evaluating channel ROI, expanding what is working, dropping what isn’t and investing in the right marketing programs to fuel growth. It also becomes much easier to create new marketing programs and get them up and running in much shorter time frames, making the overall channel-marketing process more nimble and responsive.

Key benefits include:

  • True channel visibility and clarity
  • Shared system of truth with transparency of data
  • Fostered, information-driven decision processes
  • Real-time feedback loops for more nimble decisions and program adjustments
  • Measureable ROI for channel incentive programs and marketing initiatives
  • Real-time analytics and clarity to craft performance-based channel marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced product life cycle management through analysis of sales performance by industry, product family, category or geography
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