Business Intelligence

Channel-based organizations can be a data-generation tsunami, spinning out huge waves of disparate information in a variety of formats and creating islands of unconnected and inconsistent data.

This makes business intelligence (BI) activities and analysis incredibly challenging. BI professionals often can't easily access the relevant and coherent information needed to drive effective strategic planning and decision making.

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Aligning and Integrating Channel BI Data

Channel-related problems and challenges that may you may be struggling with:

  • What product families are my end customers buying? And who really are my end customers?
  • How do I gain visibility into what's going on in the channel?
  • How do I collect, retrieve and extract unstructured data feeds from hundreds or thousands of tier one and tier two partners?
  • How do I ensure accurate, current, timely channel data to support good decision-making?
  • How do I automate reporting so I can spend more time on business-building initiatives?
  • How do I use channel data to work smarter and give me a competitive edge?

If you’re responsible for information management and business analytics in a channel environment, you already know how difficult it can be to formulate a holistic view and provide the transparency of data needed for making the best decisions in a timely manner.

In a typical multi- or even single-layer channel, BI analysts spend way too much time grappling with data-integrity issues, cleansing raw data feeds and trying to normalize information before any real analysis can even begin. By then, it’s often too late to respond because channel selling is an inherently dynamic moving target.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that partners use a variety of different business systems for their internal activities and may even rely on offline spreadsheets or homegrown, ad hoc programs. Since you can’t just wave a wand and make all partners use the same system, you need a way to automatically bring all of this disparate external and internal data within a unified system.

That’s where Entomo can help. 

Entomo automatically aggregates, cleanses, normalizes and integrates all of the disparate data feeds into a single, unified system of record. Your partners don't have to make changes to how they report, since you see everything unified within a single environment. This enables your analytics team to see the big picture with clarity and manipulate the data to support management decisions.

Entomo's cloud-based and modular applications architecture enables tailoring of the functionality needed to meet specific company requirements and seamlessly interface with industry-standard business systems, such as SAP and Oracle. With a single unified data source, it’s also much easier to provide users with real-time, actionable information in dashboard formats that are tailored to their operational assignments. You can build in automatic monitoring and alerts to stay on top of day-to-day activities and spot emerging trends.

Key benefits of Entomo channel management for BI analysts include:

  • Single system of record for channel activities - no data conflicts or inconsistencies - means more time on strategic activities instead of reconciling disparate, often untrustworthy data
  • Faster access to relevant data for effective monitoring and reporting
  • Custom, automated reporting
  • Higher analyst productivity and better responsiveness to users
  • More agile and effective business decisions

All SmartHub modules come with channel analytics and dashboard functionality, easily configurable by the user to report on the information they need most. Use Entomo's new Channel BI and Business Discovery module for scenario and strategic planning.


  • Business discovery and trend analysis
  • Event correlation
  • On-demand drill-downs
  • Associative filtering
  • Ad hoc search capabilities
  • Real-time access to transactional data within an integrated transactional and BI system; no delay-inducing ETL processes
  • In-memory architecture for instantaneous updates
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