Real-Time Channel Analytics

Working with offline spreadsheets, disparate data sources, isolated islands of information and patchwork tracking programs is definitely not the optimal way to analyze and manage the diverse and ever-changing data flows in today’s channel environments.

If you are responsible for staying on top of day-to-day channel operations to drive financial, marketing or sales operations decisions, you already know that spreadsheets and ad hoc approaches just don’t cut it. But did you know that now there is a better way?


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Holistic Approach Drives Better Channel Analysis

Channel-related problems and challenges that may you may be struggling with:

  • How do I collect, retrieve and extract unstructured data feeds from hundreds or thousands of tier one and tier two partners?
  • How do I ensure accurate, current, timely channel data to support good decision-making?
  • How do I automate reporting so I can spend more time on business-building initiatives?

When you need to create reports and deliver fast and accurate answers and spot emerging trends, there is just no time to waste on massaging a bunch of separate chunks of information and patching them together before you can even start the analysis.

A much better approach is automatic unification of all those disparate data flows in real time, so that you’re always working with a seamless, holistic set of channel data. That’s what Entomo is all about.

Entomo’s SmartHub suite of cloud-based channel-management applications includes our best-of-breed channel data management platform and a full complement of SaaS applications for sales performance management, partner relationship management, revenue management and business intelligence capabilities.

Entomo automatically aggregates, cleanses, normalizes and integrates all of the disparate data feeds into asingle, unified system of record. This enables you to save time and increase report accuracy and data integrity that feed other channel management activities. You see the big picture with clarity and manipulate it in real time without having to navigate a series of hurdles first. It frees you to shift energy away from constant fire-fighting and provide the tangible analysis and actionable answers that you were hired to produce.

Entomo seamlessly interfaces with industry-standard business systems, such as SalesforceSAP and Oracle, so you can easily pull together data from all relevant sources to support analysis and drive decisions that are always based on the complete picture.

Key benefits of Entomo-driven channel analysis include:

  • "One system of truth" - no data conflicts or inconsistencies - means no time wasted reconciling disparate, often untrustworthy data
  • Full channel visibility
  • Custom, automated reporting
  • Access to channel analytics with realtime data, 24x7
  • Faster responsiveness to emerging trends and latent problem areas
  • Streamlined analysis and higher productivity
  • Better evaluation of partner performance
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