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Optimize Channel Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting can be very difficult when dealing with delayed, inaccurate, and / or incomplete channel POS (point of sale) and inventory data. Wrong sales forecasts can lead to stockouts or simply too much inventory, as well as misallocation of production resources. At the extreme, incorrect sales forecasts can negatively impact company guidance to the investment community and trigger undesired reactions.

All of the partner-by-partner POS and inventory data need to be tracked, cleansed, validated and aggregated at the product, category, territory and customer level in real-time on a continuous basis. There’s no time to wrestle with offline spreadsheets, hand-calculations, or seat-of-the-pants guesses. Any significant delays or inaccuracies can spell disaster.

“Entomo has the channel management experts!”

- Ken Cuprynski, Director of Worldwide Sales Finance, Intermec

Improve your sales forecasting

Improve your sales forecasting with these Entomo SmartHub modules:

  1. Channel Data Management (CDM) Suite
    Your first step to better forecasting. Realtime POS and inventory data are captured, cleansed, normalized and enriched for consistency and "one system of truth.
  2. Transaction Valuation
    Assign specific cost to specific product sold. POS transactions are verified and valued based on FIFO, price book, reported cost or other costing method to gain a true, consistent measure of sell-through cost and margin. Incorrect valuation can erroneously inflate revenues or commissions and make it nearly impossible to get an accurate channel inventory picture.
  3. SISO (Sales-In-Sales-Out) Inventory Reconciliation
    Simple inventory reporting by channel partners is an important first step, but not sufficient. Inventory levels are validated with independent calculations, starting with transaction valuation. SISO inventory reconciliation is then performed to validate the correct beginning and ending inventory levels in the channel. SmartHub maintains perpetual (roll-forward) inventory and appropriate valuation and currency conversions
  4. Deal and Design Registration
    Part or our Partner Relationship Management Suite, the deal and design registration modules enable proactive opportunity tracking and provides a 360-degree view into partner effectiveness, close rates and more. 


"We have a much better ability today to 
forecast our channel revenues."

  - Bob Harrah, Program Manager
TriQuint Semiconductor (now Qorvo)


Key benefits include:

  • More accurate forecasts, including roll-ups by rep/partner, territory, etc.
  • Fewer stockouts
  • Optimized inventory
  • Better alignment with supply chain planning and resources
  • Increased accuracy and integration with your CRM and ERP systems
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