Other Problems We Solve

Core Questions Every Channel Business Asks



  • What product families are my end customers buying? And who really are my end customers?
  • What inventory is at risk of being returned by the end of the quarter?
  • How much am I overpaying for my Special Pricing or other channel incentive programs?
  • How do I stop reps from chasing credits and focus more on selling?


  • What is the overall ROI of my channel marketing programs?
  • How do I increase participation in my co-op and MDF programs, while ensuring program compliance?
  • Which individual partners are making best use of my marketing programs?
  • I want to roll out a new program worldwide, but how do I get my partners on board?


“For the first time, we can really see what’s going on in the different tiers of the channel.”

-Keith Braesch, VP of B2B Sales

Finance and Compliance

  • What are my reserves sufficient to ensure I don't get surprised by end-of-quarter returns?
  • How much revenue am I losing due to overpayment of rebates and incentive claims?
  • How do I value the sell-through and residual inventory in the channel?
  • How do I ensure audit trails for all channel transactions?
  • How do I ensure that appropriate SEC and FASB (Financial Standards Accounting Board) regulatory guidelines and mandates are met? What about SOX, VSOE and multi-element revenue recognition?


  • How do I implement something quickly and minimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)?
  • How do I integrate a channel management solution with my ERP and CRM systems?
  • How do I know our data are safe, secure, and available when we need it?


Entomo helps answer these questions and solve these problems with our fully integrated all-in-one channel management solution.

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