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Channel Marketing Management

Channel marketing professionals, like all marketing professionals, must constantly justify their activities and spend to deliver results. The lack of comprehensive channel data and analysis tools has made it difficult for channel marketers to track and analyze promotion effectiveness.

Maintain control of channel marketing

Without a consistently clear and up-to-date view of what’s happening with your partners, you lose control and can suffer consequences such as revenue leaks, channel churn, incentive payout errors, partner frustration or failure to execute on marketing programs.

When initiating new marketing programs such as channel incentive, rebate, and pricing compliance programs, it’s vital to have accurate and transparent information to measure outcomes, evaluate results and make adjustments in real-time.


“Entomo’s solution is perfect for us… we have real-time access to online business intelligence to optimize channel performance.”

- Jonathan Anderson, Director of Enterprise Sales, Kingston

Entomo Streamlines and Enables Better Channel Marketing

By unifying all of your channel management, Entomo gives you the marketing visibility to see the big picture and the tools to manage the details.

Automation of key success factors, alerts and other metrics within customizable dashboards enable all of the stakeholders to understand how marketing programs are performing and what actions are required of them. Staying on track or making tactical adjustments becomes a smooth part of the process rather than a painful added burden.

From an overall-marketing-management perspective, Entomo brings together all of the information needed for evaluating program effectiveness and ROI, expanding what is working, dropping what isn’t and investing in the right marketing programs to fuel growth.

It also becomes much easier to create new marketing programs and get them up and running in much shorter timeframes, making the overall channel-marketing process more agile and proactive.

Improve your channel marketing management with these Entomo SmartHub modules:

  1. Channel Data Management (CDM) Suite
    Your first step to better forecasting. Realtime POS and inventory data are captured, cleansed, normalized and enriched for consistency and "one system of truth."
  2. Pricing Compliance
    Entomo supports worldwide quote creation and compliance, Distributor Price Adjustment (DPAs), Ship & Debit programs, Special Pricing Authorizations (SPAs) and Price Exception (PE) requests, and other compliance programs.
  3. Channel Incentives
    Co-op, MDF, rebates, SPIFF and other channel incentive programs can be created, approved, verified and managed while automatically feeding into finance for revenue recognition.
  4. Inventory Programs
    Channel-centric companies often employ inventory protection programs to partners rather than allow unlimited rights of return. Manage, approve and reconcile stock rotation, price protection and other inventory programs.


Key benefits include:

  • Real-time analytics and clarity to craft performance-based channel marketing campaigns
  • Improved program effectiveness
  • Improved territory management
  • Create segmented channel marketing programs by tier, product, or geography
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