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Optimize Inventory Efficiency

Managing inventory in channel environments can be quite challenging and inevitably has significant costs and consequences of failure—revenue lost from stock-outs, excessive cost from too much inventory buildup and write downs, and even expedited shipping due to the wrong inventory in the wrong place at the wrong time. In order to succeed, it is vital to have comprehensive, transparent and real-time visibility into inventory, sell-through and product mix.


It’s not sufficient to rely only on channel partner inventory data without subjecting it to cross-checks and reality testing. For example, if a channel partner claims to have sold 750 units in a given period, how can you know that he even had 750 to sell? Or if he reports having 400 units of a given product in inventory, how can you be sure that it is not 40 or 4,000?



"Our channel information was scattered and incomplete. In 60 days, Entomo was able to give us a detailed view of our channel sales and inventory position. As a result, our channel business grew through better decision making."

 - Tony Grieco, VP Sales, PLX Technology

Take control of your channel inventory

Entomo overcomes all of the data discontinuities inherent to multiplayer channels by automatically capturing, aggregating, cleansing, normalizing and reality-testing all of your partner data flows. In the end, this enables a holistic inventory management environment. This also gives your internal staff a single system of truth for seeing the big picture, backed by the tools for analyzing and managing all of the crucial details of inventory levels, flows, value and accountability.

Users can generate on-demand, interactive channel analytics with Entomo for an overview of inventory by partner, sales-in-sales-out trends, stagnating inventory, potential stock-outs, etc.

Improve your channel inventory management with these Entomo SmartHub modules:

  1. Channel Data Management (CDM) Suite
    Your first step to better forecasting. Realtime POS and inventory data are captured, cleansed, normalized and enriched for consistency and "one system of truth."
  2. Transaction Valuation
    Assign specific cost to specific product sold. POS transactions are verified and valued based on FIFO, price book, reported cost or other costing method to gain a true, consistent measure of sell-through cost and margin. Incorrect valuation can erroneously inflate revenues or commissions and make it nearly impossible to get an accurate channel inventory picture.
  3. SISO (Sales-In-Sales-Out) Inventory Reconciliation
    Simple inventory reporting by channel partners is an important first step, but not sufficient. Inventory levels are validated with independent calculations, starting with transaction valuation. SISO inventory reconciliation is then performed to validate the correct beginning and ending inventory levels in the channel. SmartHub maintains perpetual (roll-forward) inventory and appropriate valuation and currency conversions.
  4. Inventory Programs
    Channel-centric companies often employ inventory protection programs to partners rather than allow unlimited rights of return. Manage, approve and reconcile stock rotation, price protection and other inventory programs.


Key benefits include:

  • Channel-wide accurate inventory visibility
  • Increased revenue by minimizing stock-outs
  • Cost savings from decreases in excess inventory and stagnant inventory write-offs
  • Cost savings from decreases in expedited shipping


With Entomo, the bottom line is better accountability for the status, movement and value of inventories everywhere within the channel. This enables you to lower overall costs, improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and ensure financial compliance.

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