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Comprehensive Distribution Channel Management

"Few tech vendors are immune to the millions of dollars in lost revenue that amount from overpayment of channel incentives, stock-outs, gray market activity, and audit penalties/fines. Having suffered from limited channel sales and marketing visibility, many tech vendors are doubling down on channel enablement services and technologies to counter this recurring hit to profitability. The are investing in .. to help them optimize incentives, inventory, revenue recognition, and compliance management processes."    - Jonathan Silber, Forrester Research

Every year companies lose billions of dollars in their distribution channel operations through a combination of lost revenue opportunities and leakage, channel inefficiencies and lack of tight compliance disciplines.



What is Distribution Channel Management?

Distribution channel management is the collective set of activities and operations B2B firms employ to get their product to market via channel partners as efficiently and effectively as possible. These include but are not limited to the following business impact areas:

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Channel Marketing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Incentive Program Management
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Financial Compliance and Risk Management
  • Data Integrity

On a day-to-day basis, many channel-centric companies are overpaying commissions to partners, losing business due to stockouts, under-collecting royalties, and missing out on huge new sales opportunities. Many are also at risk for noncompliance penalties due to records that aren't audit-ready, specifically regarding timely closing and revenue recognition.

Most companies are constantly struggling to address all this ever-growing complexity with inefficient, piecemeal approaches and an overworked staff who is always a couple steps behind the curve. Current systems are incomplete in data reconciliation, automation, analytics and integration with other enterprise applications. They often succumb to believing whatever their partners say and paying claims without question in order not to rock the boat.

Worse yet, some companies have simply adopted a culture of acceptance that the complexity, inefficiency and profit leakage in their go-to-market channels are just “necessary evils” that can’t be resolved. So they’ve settled into a pattern of ignoring the issues and accepting the losses.

Gain real-time channel visibility

Instead of accepting distribution channel underperformance as a fact of life, many companies have turned to using the holistic and proactive channel management software and solutions from Entomo to gain real-time visibility, coherent understanding and proactive control over all of their channel operations. Entomo’s SmartHub platform of cloud-based channel management applications brings it all together and puts you back in charge.

How to Manage your Channel with Salesforce.com