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End-to-End Data Integrity

Data integrity is the cornerstone of effective channel management. If data are handled incorrectly, the sum of the parts can never add up to provide a single, unified system of record and all downstream business processes will be compromised. Patchwork approaches will always have information gaps and inaccuracies that take time and effort to resolve. This invariably leads to suboptimal results such as revenue leaks, excess inventory, stock-outs, missed sales opportunities, incentive overpayments and partner dissatisfaction. Companies that are unable to overcome the garbage-in-garbage-out syndrome risk losing control of channel business activities and making poor, costly decisions.

Data accuracy, completeness and timeliness are the keys to successful channel management

In today’s complex channel environments, data integrity means a lot more than just the accuracy of any particular set of data. It also involves the timeliness, completeness, meaningfulness, and reality-tested consistency of the information, as well as how all of the data fit together to inform big-picture management decisions. Data integrity also requires an integrated infrastructure for ensuring the proper retention and audit support of all data sources, transactions, calculations and posting actions. No black box approach or batch processing will suffice.

“Entomo discovered our historical data had serious quality issues. They worked to reprocess the data to provide a solid baseline for future trend analysis.” 

- Ty Smith, Director of Channel Sales, Targus

True data integrity requires system integrity. 
This means instituting a comprehensive, end-to-end approach that automatically captures all relevant data and unifies everything within a single system of truth.

The fundamental first step in best-practice channel management is to replace manual POS (point of sale) reporting processes with reliable software automation. Quality data also allows you to track and analyze the impact of partner programs and activities on bottom-line results as parts and products move through the channel.

Key benefits include:

  • Exceptional data quality
  • Fully automated solution
  • Channel analysts to proactively manage and resolve exceptions
  • Full transparency and auditability
  • Real-time data availability


Entomo's data integrity approach

Entomo’s Channel Data Management (CDM) suite provides unparalleled access to your POS, inventory, and other channel data as soon as it comes in from your channel partner. No delays or waiting for batch uploads and processing, unlike some other solutions. Our fully automated processes not only gather and process your channel partners' POS data in their native format, but the data will be tested against validated master data like customer lists, price books, parts lists, invoices and receipts to ensure all data are valid and the dollar values reported are accurate and auditable. Exceptions can be handled by our customer-dedicated channel operations analysts and/or your designated team members.


pos-enrichment-stepsGo from raw transactions to cleansed, normalized, and enriched transactions in a matter of minutes.


Key data integrity steps include:

  • Collection and Cleansing
    Data in any format or protocol is automatically collected and cleansed from partners daily, weekly, monthly or at other intervals. Once received, channel data is automatically processed by SmartHub, extracted and cleansed of extraneous data.
  • Normalization
    Cleansed data is then normalized to ensure consistent field names, currencies, date formats, etc.
  • Validation
    Normalized data is validated and reconciled to spot any inconsistencies. Exceptions are automatically flagged for resolution by designated company users or by Entomo’s managed-services team.
  • Data Aggregation
    As part of creating a consolidated picture, SmartHub can normalize and aggregate transaction data from companies’ ERP system (direct sales, sales forecasts, bookings, billings, backlog, etc.)
  • Post-Processing
    The transformation engine can also be configured with customer-specific rules for further ad hoc manipulation of the incoming data.


Audit Trails

Regardless of how much transformation the data goes through, SmartHub maintains an automated audit trail to ensure complete traceability. This eliminates any questions about data integrity, since the original data are never lost, and reported and transformed fields can always be compared online, on-demand.


Once data have been transformed and aggregated, users can generate on-demand, interactive channel analytics or schedule periodic status reports that slice and dice the data anyway they want. Specific functional teams such as sales, finance, marketing or compliance can also configure their own report groups to share function-specific business intelligence and channel insight.

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