Indirect sales channels have been growing in importance and complexity for a number of industries. Yet due to limited automation and capabilities of legacy systems and processes, management has not kept pace with that growth, leading to significant revenue and profit potential.

These challenges manifest themselves in different parts of the organization, and it’s often the case that only senior leadership can connect the dots to facilitate a holistic solution to symptoms that are part of the same root cause. 

“Few tech vendors are immune to the millions of dollars in lost revenue that amount from overpayment of channel incentives, stock-outs, gray market activity, and audit penalties/fines. Having suffered from limited channel sales and marketing visibility, many tech vendors are doubling down on channel enablement services and technologies to counter this recurring hit to profitability. They’re investing in.. solutions to help them optimize incentives, inventory, revenue recognition, and compliance management processes.”

  -- Forrester Research

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Manage the big picture with clarity and focus

Channel-related problems and challenges that you may be struggling with:

  • What product families are my end customers buying? And who really are my end customers?
  • What inventory is at risk of being returned by the end of the quarter?
  • How do I improve sales forecasting with such limited visibility into the channel?
  • How do I eliminate stock-outs and excess inventory in the channel?
  • How do reduce or eliminate gray market activity and other revenue leaks?
  • How do I ensure I stay in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SEC, and FASB mandates and guidelines?
  • How do I use channel data to work smarter and give me a competitive edge?

The answer to these challenges is to institute a single system of record that unifies information from all channel activities within a common platform to support business decisions. This means one secure system for global collection of channel data, unified master data and robust, "best practices" for data processing, analytics and business intelligence.

Entomo's SmartHub channel management solutions enable you to quickly get out ahead of the all these challenges with a cost-effective, highly scalable set of applications that are designed to mesh with your existing financial, ERP and business-management systems. Entomo's cloud-based platform -combined with broad experience across many channel-based industries—offers excellent scalability, flexibility, support and time to value. 

Key Benefits Include:

  • Single system of record for channel activities - no data conflicts or inconsistencies - means more time on strategic activities instead of reconciling disparate, often untrustworthy data
  • Confidence that all transactions are accurate, valued appropriately and accounted for based on industry compliance mandates
  • Optimized inventory management - reduced stock-outs and reduced excess inventory
  • Recognize revenue based on sell-through
  • Better sales forecasting through reconciled, validated inventory and better channel visibility
  • Modular approach that meshes with existing business systems
  • Minimal impacts on IT support staff
  • Enhanced ability to scale channel sales to meet growth goals
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