Qorvo (Triquint)


TriQuint is a global semiconductor company that recently merged with RF Micro Devices Inc. to form Qorvo Inc. Qorvo is a leading provider of core technologies and radio-frequency solutions for the mobile, infrastructure, and aerospace/defense industries.

Headquarters : Hillsboro, OR

“Our partners are pushing our products more aggressively. We’ve cut approval cycles from weeks to days and shortened time-to-pay partners by 70%.”

- Bob Harrah, Program Manager, Sales Operations, TriQuint Semiconductor (now Qorvo)


success-journey-challengeAfter too long spent dealing with issues of data accuracy, reliability and visibility, TriQuint Semiconductor's staff realized it needed to create order from chaos. Ad hoc databases and manual processes were being used to manage distribution channels, and the amount of time dedicated to updating a legacy system was encumbering the business's growth. TriQuint works with channel partners who provide much of the relevant information (such as POS, inventory, requests, claims, etc.) that its staff needed to analyze, and since this information was coming from outside sources, it ran the risk of being incorrect or outdated. Thus, the staff needed more than just a standard CRM, rather one that catered to channel management.


success-journey_solution1TriQuint narrowed down its top priorities to automating and enhancing collaboration in the following areas:

  • Special pricing management for shipping and debits
  • Opportunity management for design/deal registrations
  • Commission-splits management

A lack of conformity and data quality in these areas was inhibiting accurate processing and any attempt at higher-level analytics. Instead of relying on data from multiple sources, it needed automation and real-time collaboration within one system of truth.


success-journey_resultsEntomo's scalable, channel-management workflows allowed TriQuint to align business processes across sales, marketing and finance departments, allowing back-end analytics and real-time dashboards to dictate front-end participation.

This is where Entomo came in. Entomo's SaaS solution for channel management covered 95 percent of TriQuint's needs out of the box. The last 5 percent was quickly customizable and seamlessly integrated with its existing ERP and CRM systems.

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