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Unlock Your Channel with Entomo

Each year channel-driven technology and manufacturing companies lose millions of dollars in revenues due to stockouts, gray market activity, overpayment of channel incentives or underpayment of royalties. Entomo, the leading provider of a cloud-based cCRM solution, is a channel game changer who solves these problems and helps companies increase channel visibility, build stronger partner relationships and re-capture lost revenues. Entomo’s solutions can be deployed stand-alone, or as a seamless extension of companies’ existing ERP/CRM systems and business processes.

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What is cCRM?

Channel Control and Revenue Management (cCRM) allows companies to gain control of complex channel relationships and maximize revenues. cCRM is a game changer that makes it easier for your channel partners to do business with you. It helps your business build stronger and more profitable relationships, while ensuring that revenue leaks are plugged. The core tenets of cCRM are:

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